After reading this book I got many of my questions answered.

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Vladimir Simovich, San Francisco, California

I am new in machining field, and quite honestly without anyone that could help me or to occasionally answer my questions. After reading this book I got many of my questions answered. What I like the most, is that the book is written in the way that is easy for reading yet with enough technical details. The space is given to the topics that are really important for anyone starting in this field as a hobby or as profession. It is clear that Mr. Frank Marlow surly has full knowledge and a lots of experience with a talent of transferring it to the reader.

Now after I am done reading, I keep the book in my shop to occasionally remind myself on how something is done. The feature found in the book - all important tasks are explained and listed in numbered and consecutive order just like user manual for treading, turning, milling... It is what you would expect in the user manual that come with your milling machine or lathe, but you never find it there.
After reading the book I was so excited to test my new acquired knowledge and I did a few projects. Not just that I succeeded in my projects, but also I had a pleasure doing it just as explained in the book - step by step and it it all worked.

If you are new in this field, like myself, this book would be the best tool that you could buy for your shop. I am strongly recommending it.